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7-day free trial!

Join us for a workout with our 7-Day FREE Trial. Gain access to all our classes for one full week with zero membership fees and no lock-in contract.

We operate as a class-only gym, where you can be part of a fitness community that laughs together, sweats together and achieves results together.


Our 12 Week Program is designed by experts, then tailored to your individual abilities, goals and preferences.

Train as a team, win as a team.

What We're About

C3 Training is the functional group fitness gym that wants help you achieve your fitness goals.


We build communities through fitness ad our personalised 12 Week program.



Choose classes that work with your fitness goals in our 12 Week program.


Challenge yourself & build overall strength with full-body movements and progressive loads.

Heading 6

Tone your physique & shape specific areas of your body with sessions targeting posterior chain & core strength.

Heading 6

Increase stamina & endurance with a diverse range of aerobic movements.

Heading 6


Let's go

We're ready when you are!

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