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Functional training for every fitness level.

Join a supportive fitness community that cares about your goals.

The 3 C's

C3 Training stands for Community | Coaching | Care.

It sounds simple, but that’s what C3 represents. Getting the basics right consistently for our community, to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.


More than a gym

We're not an 'elite athlete gym', but elite athletes train with us. We're a gym for everyone. Across all our locations, we do our absolute best, to foster a culture of community, and not competition. We don't race each other. Rather, we do partner workouts. We support local businesses, and local charities. And if you're coming from a crossfit background, better yet, our shirts stay on!



We stand by you

We base our programming on 4 x week long programs; i) Strong week, ii) Power week, iii) Metabolic Conditioning week, iv) Endurance week. The Russians call this 'conjugate periodisation'. It's a fancy way of saying that we design our programming based on the same core movements, across different tempos, loads, and frequencies. There's no random movement patterns here. Our workouts target different energy systems in your body, and build stronger and fitter individuals.

Member success stories

We pride ourselves on our member success stories, and we want to share them with you here.

"Unreal gym, the structure and weekly format is so well planned out. You can easily track your progress each week..."


"Top gym, awesome trainers. Been coming here since they opened and I love the classes and the great sense of community."


"The sessions are incredibly specialised and challenging, designed to push the body without exhausting it..."



We've got you

Whoever you are, we assess your movement, mobility, and injuries, and tailor our programming to suit you. Better yet, all of our gyms are green, accessibility compliant, and offer a space for your little ones.

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