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About our programming

We help you achieve your goals with our expertly-designed 15 Week programs.


Each class focuses on a different area of functional fitness, ranging from short circuits and explosive movement to slower, heavier workouts. Classes are about dynamic movement, layering exercises that hit different major muscle groups to optimise your workout and your results.


Our program doesn't focus on repetition or time on, meaning you avoid plateaus and decrease your chance of injury.


Go head-to-head with yourself and see measurable results as you set new personal bests. Working together with your C3 training coach, you'll set short and longer term goals to work towards during the program.


Quality workouts that are different every day. Alternating between strength, endurance, interval, and tempo training.


STRONG runs alongside HYBRID.


STRONG is about building all-round stronger bodies. It doesn't matter what life throws at you, this program will ensure you can take on any challenge, probably with a smile on your face. Using large, whole body movements and compound lifts at progressive loads, we build a stronger, fitter, more explosive version of you.

STRONG - UPPER. Unleash upper body dominance. Structured training, compound and isolation movements forge strength to craft a robust, jacked physique to make a bold statement,


STRONG - LOWER. Experience strength from the ground up. Structured training, compound movements and a focus on builidng a foundation for enduring power and performance.



Transform with C3's HYBRID training.

Build strength, conditioning and versatility through varied exercises and programming, sculpting a powerful, well-rounded, calorie burning fitness foundation.


Elevate your fitness journey today.




Build up your mental and physical endurance with a session that pushes you to new limits every time, with pumping music to boot!

ENERGY is about giving it your all, leaving nothing in the tank. 

ENERGY brings the heat whether you're training on your own on Tuesdays, with your best friend on Thursdays, and your team on Saturdays.

Suitable for all levels. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 5.54.40 am.png


We're excited to have former WBF light heavyweight world champion, Hakan Saglam, run boxing classes for the Ramsgate C3 community. Hakan brings a coaching expertise which caters for all levels, from absolute beginners, all the way through to competing athletes. You can expect a mix of bag work, technique work, 'controlled partner' work, and a healthy dose of conditioning in these sessions.

Suitable for all levels.

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