Seen another fitness franchise claiming to be the fastest growing?
That's great.
At C3, we don't want to be the 'fastest growing' anything.

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At C3, it's about executing our values consistently.


A space where people want to go, and not have to go. Where we support each other to be the versions of ourselves. Where we hold everyone accountable. And where everyone feels like they belong. Don't believe us? Just come down to one of our Community sessions on Saturday and you'll see what we mean.


Grounded in science, our coaching is based on the conjugate periodisation method. We take the same core movements essential to your strength and conditioning goals, and layer them in different movement patterns across a 12 week cycle. On top of this, we personalise classes based on your fitness levels and goals. At C3, we're not about competing with each other. We're about getting the best version of ourselves.


Your membership isn't with a Fob Key. It's not with our trainers, or our world class facilities. It's with all of it, and it's with each other. At C3, you'll find an environment where everyone around you is invested in you being the best version of yourself.

Before we go any further...

We'd love for you to come check out one of our facilities. Come in for a class, or sign up for the 7 day trial. It's important that as we grow, our partners fully understand and are brought into the C3 difference.

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What you can expect from us



Setting up a training facility can be daunting. After finding the right site, you need to consider town planning, architects, site fit out, equipment, and more. At C3, we support with all of this.


Our bespoke trainer accreditation program helps ensure we maintain a consistent C3 experience, and that you feel fully equipped to help your members reach their outcomes


From our six week marketing launch program, to our 'metrics that matter' live dashboard, we empower our partners with all the data and tools they need to drive the performance they need in their business; like securing more trialists, reducing cancellations, or getting more members for off peak classes.


From fast break even and investment payback periods, to sustainable high margin returns, we've proven we can deliver consistent attractive returns grounded in healthier memberships and lower set up and member acquisition costs.

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