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C3 Training Alexandria

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Here at C3, we're a little different.

We focus on community. We set out to build a gym where people feel like they want to go, and not to go. Friends train free every Saturday, 

We focus on coaching. We don't do 'seconds on and seconds off'.  We provide structured Strong, Hybrid, or Energy classes over a 15 week program to help you achieve your goals.

We focus on care. Be it post-partum, or Olympic athlete (yes - we have a few of those), we want to help each of our members achieve their health and wellness goals.

Our Community

Meet The Trainers

Work with coaches that really care about your goals and tailor classes to your needs.


Hey everyone, my name is Scott, head coach and co-founder of C3 Training.


I’ve been in the fitness industry now for over 15 years, however I have always lived the fitness life, from a young age I played rugby and various other sports and was always active. Growing up though, I was overweight and had the challenges as you do when you’re a kid with health concerns and bullying etc etc.

Year 11/12 school holidays I decided to make a change. Joined a gym and seeked help from a trainer. No one would help me. It was from that point that I realised I can do this myself, and along the way, losing 25+kg in the meantime. That’s when I knew I wanted to help others.


Opening a premium strength and conditioning facility has always been a goal of mine and to see the successes of the members always warms my heart.

I see the potential in everyone who comes through the doors so don’t let my ”never give up” attitude intimidate you, it comes from a good place. I will push you to beyond what you thought was possible but know that your health and fitness goals are my goals!

I welcome everyone through the doors and will accept recommendations for your local Patisserie!


Premium cardio and weights training facility based in the heart of Alexandria.

Group Strength & Conditioning

Workout with a team in a fun, supportive community environment.

All-Inclusive Program

Your membership includes access to all our Strong, Shape & Energy classes.

Personal Training

Get personalised, 1-on-1 sessions with an expert C3 Training coach.

Socialise With Us

We host charity events that you can be a part of.

Corporate Team Building

Build teamwork & collaboration skills with your colleagues.

Lounge Access

Comfortable lounging area to relax in before and after your workout.

Easy Access

Central location near main shops, cafes & restaurants.

High-End Facilities

Premium bathrooms & gym, plus a dog-friendly "Parking" area.


Choose classes based on your goals as part of our 15 Week program.


Feel confident, move fast and build a stronger, resilient body able to take on anything you set your mind to.

Heading 6

Enhance your overall physique with our hybrid classes.

Heading 6

Build up your mental and physical endurance with a session that pushes you to new limits every time, with pumping music to boot!

Heading 6
Alexandria Memberships


There's no need to hide our prices! Our transparent pricing options allow members to access any class across all locations.

6 Month Contract

$59.95 per week

  • 6 Month Commitment

  • Paid Weekly

Heading 6

$69.95 per week

  • No Contract

  • Paid Weekly

Heading 6

Contact Us


0488 288 213


40/42 McCauley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia


7-Day Trial

Train Free

Join us for a workout with our 7-Day FREE Trial. Gain access to all our classes for one full week with zero membership fees and no lock-in contract.

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