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C3 Black Friday offer!!

Sign up now and pay just $99 for the rest of 2023. The sooner you sign up the more you save! Offer available from today til 26th November so get in quick.

Strength & Conditioning group training to build the best version of you. Offer available at these C3 Training locations: Alexandria, Gymea, Kingsgrove, Marrickville & Ramsgate.

About us

Train as a team, win as a team.


We operate as a class-only gym, where you can be part of a fitness community that laughs together, sweats together and achieves results together.


Our 15 Week Program is designed by experts, then tailored to your individual abilities, goals and preferences.


Our programming

Our unique 15 Week Program focuses on functional fitness to improve physical performance. Target all areas of your body with our customisable classes and stay motivated with a variety of techniques.


Suitable for all levels


Feel confident, move fast and build a stronger, resilient body able to take on anything you set your mind to.

Strong features the squat, deadlift and bench press throughout weekly strength quality adaptations and accessory lifts to improve performance and maximise results.

Think functional bodybuilding, with a few old school hits


Enhance your overall physique with our shape classes.

Run along side strong, shape is designed to balance the body, strengthen the core and improve the posterior chain with lower body focused sessions across varied tempos, rep schemes and cardiovascular conditioning


Build up your mental and physical endurance with a session that pushes you to new limits every time, with pumping music to boot!

Condition is about giving it your all, leaving nothing in the tank. 

These cardiovascular conditioning sessions use state of the art machines along side the various uses for dumbells, deadballs, wall balls and much more.


We're excited to have former WBF light heavyweight world champion, Hakan Saglam, introduce boxing classes to the C3 community in Ramsgate. Hakan brings a coaching expertise which caters for all levels, from absolute beginners, all the way through to competing athletes. You can expect a mix of bag work, technique work, 'controlled partner' work, and a healthy dose of conditioning in these sessions.


Our difference

Choose the classes that fit with your goals and work with a team to achieve them. We keep our sessions are dynamic with a range of movements to keep your mind focused and your body working hard.

Dynamic Sessions

Change movements, activate different muscles & avoid injury.

Function Meets Form

Build strength and achieve aesthetic definition at the same time.

Coaches Who Care

Personalised sessions to suit your needs.


Pick Your Program

Choose classes that align with your goals over 15 Weeks.

Expertly-Designed Programs

Layer exercises that specifically target all the important muscles.

Community, Not Competition

Join a community that supports you inside & outside the gym.

Our members 

"Unreal gym, the structure and weekly format is so well planned out. You can easily track your progress each week..."


"Top gym, awesome trainers. Been coming here since they opened and I love the classes and the great sense of community."


"The sessions are incredibly specialised and challenging, designed to push the body without exhausting it..."


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