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not competition.

Functional group training for everyone, to achieve your fitness goals.

Premium Coaching & Facilities

C3 offers carefully designed group workouts over a 15 week cycle, to help you achieve your functional fitness goals. Work closely with coaches who care about your goals and want to help you reach them. 

About us

Train as a team, win as a team.


We operate as a class-only gym, where you can be part of a fitness community that laughs together, sweats together and achieves results together.


Our 15 Week Program is designed by experts, then tailored to your individual abilities, goals and preferences.


Our programming

Our unique 15 Week Program focuses on functional fitness to improve physical performance. Target all areas of your body with our customisable classes and stay motivated with a variety of techniques.

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Suitable for all levels


STRONG runs alongside HYBRID.

STRONG is about building all-round stronger bodies. It doesn't matter what life throws at you, this program will ensure you can take on any challenge, probably with a smile on your face. Using large, whole body movements & compound lifts at progressive loads, we help build a stronger, fitter, more explosive version of you.

STRONG UPPER & LOWER classes available Fridays.


Transform with C3's HYBRID Training.

Build strength, conditioning, and versatility through varied exercises, sculpting a powerful, well-rounded, CALORIE burning fitness foundation.

Elevate your fitness journey today.


Build up your mental and physical endurance with a session that pushes you to new limits every time, with pumping music to boot!

ENERGY is about giving it your all, leaving nothing in the tank. 

ENERGY brings the heat, whether you are training on your own on Tuesdays, with your best friend on Thursdays, or your team on Saturdays.


Suitable for all levels.


Our difference

Choose the classes that fit with your goals and work with a team to achieve them. We keep our sessions are dynamic with a range of movements to keep your mind focused and your body working hard.

Dynamic Sessions

Change movements, activate different muscles & avoid injury.

Function Meets Form

Build strength and achieve aesthetic definition at the same time.

Coaches Who Care

Personalised sessions to suit your needs.


Pick Your Program

Choose classes that align with your goals over 15 Weeks.

Expertly-Designed Programs

Layer exercises that specifically target all the important muscles.

Community, Not Competition

Join a community that supports you inside & outside the gym.

Our members 

"Unreal gym, the structure and weekly format is so well planned out. You can easily track your progress each week..."


"Top gym, awesome trainers. Been coming here since they opened and I love the classes and the great sense of community."


"The sessions are incredibly specialised and challenging, designed to push the body without exhausting it..."


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