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What we're about

At C3 Training, we do things a little differently with our simple but highly effective training model. We operate our class programs on four-week cycles, checking in with members at 12-week intervals. With a minimum of two coaches per group training class, you get the benefits of both 1:1 and group training, the perfect combination for ultimate success. 

Building communities through fitness

Our Approach:


Helping people become fitter, stronger, and healthier is why we started, but we quickly realised our gyms are so much more than that. Yes we love getting on a good sweat, yes we love hitting goals, but more than that, we absolutely love coming in and seeing everyone each day. From free workouts for anyone to join, to regular charity events and parties, our gyms are about so much more than just fitness.



Every session, one of our qualified coaches is on hand to guide you through the workout. From personal program modifications, to technique education and motivation, they’re there to ensure you get the most out of every session.

We truly understand the benefits of training for both your physical and mental health and want to see our members thrive inside and outside of the gym. The transformation as people gain confidence and start to love their training is amazing. We see it time and time again. It’s the whole reason we’re here and nothing makes us happier.


The 3 C's

Our Programming

At C3 Training, we operate around four class types which we personalise for our members:

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Feel strong, feel confident - every day.


Designed to build body strength and smash through your goals with higher loads and varied movements that will push your body to its limit (without injury). 

Get ready to launch your mind and body into a new challenge with every session. 

Our program lets you work hard for your goals and feel the satisfaction as your performance improves over time.

Sessions run Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Strong is about building all round stronger bodies. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you, this program will ensure you can take on any challenge, and probably with a smile on your face. Utilising large, whole body movements and compound lifts at progressive loads, we help build a stronger, fitter, more explosive version of yourself.

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Shape, tone & enhance your physique.


Jump into a training program that will get you results and show it.


With a focus on posterior chain strength & core stability, we encourage hard work and progressive overload to hit your specific goals. 


Sessions run Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Shape is our female oriented programming, combining key compound lifts with specific accessory movements. The compound lifts build overall strength and help you work up a sweat, whilst accessory movements are chosen to help build aesthetic and athletic bodies by focusing on the posterior chain and core.

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Take on the latest challenge for your mind and body. 


Build up your mental and physical endurance with a session that pushes you to new limits every time. 


Throw away boring and predictable routines with Condition’s diverse range of movements designed to keep you on your toes. 


Sessions run Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing sport with friends or running around with the kids, everything becomes easier when your fitness, or aerobic ability, improves. Traditionally, aerobic training has a reputation of being mundane (think burpees for an hour!)  We use premium cardio equipment, programming we test ourselves, and a mix of both individual and team workouts, to create  motivating conditioning sessions.

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Win together as a team in every workout.


Join a community that really cares about your goals, with partner-based training bringing you a step closer with each session. Get all the best elements of our workout programs in one class — and a whole team to support you. 


Sessions run Fridays & Saturdays.

Our most popular session each week are our team based Community sessions. These sessions are open to anyone and everyone. There are no egos, no expectations, no prerequisites, just a good sweat with good people.



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12 week training blocks, designed to build a better you!

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choose from strong, shape, or condition classes, to suit your goals.

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strength, power, metabolic conditioning, and endurance based programming

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a culture of community not competition

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coaches who care about you & your goals