So what's the fuss about?

Six reasons to choose C3 Training

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We're not about seconds on and seconds off

These workouts encourage movement, which is a good start. They do get mentally exhausting fast, can leave you hitting a plateau, and risk injury through highly repetitive exercise over a narrow range of movements.

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Our programming is planned, and designed to build a better you

We base our programming on the conjugate periodisation model. Rather than random workouts, we layer the important exercises across different movement patterns, over a 12 week cycle, to help you get stronger.

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You get to pick your workouts based on your goal

Be it our Strong, Shape, Condition, or Community sessions, we’ve got you covered with different classes to help you reach your goal. Read more on the different class types below.

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We don’t mind the vanity exercises

Functional training is our core, but at the same time, we also recognise the importance of looking like you actually go to the gym. Peppered through our workouts, expect to see exercises that still build definition in your butt, chest, or arms, that are otherwise seen as taboo in some other functional gyms.

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Community and not Competition

Outside of work and home, your gym is up there with where you spend most of your time. Our workouts are largely designed for you to work with your fellow members, and not against them. Expect partner based workouts, weekly community sessions, and partnerships with local charities which you can nominate as a member.

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Coaches who care

We’ll always have a minimum of two coaches per group training class. This way, you get the benefits of both 1:1 and group training. Your coaches will be there to support you with the right level of intensity and the right form, whilst your fellow members are there to help push you that little bit further.

What our clients say

Unreal gym, the structure and weekly format is so well planned out. You can easily track your progress each week! The trainers are super friendly and know their technique! Overall great vibe, the workouts are fun! Saturday sessions are always in a team! :)

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— Ashley